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August 22, 2008

Designer Yachts

‘a’ by Philippe Stark for Andrey Melnichenko (more)

Whether the polar ice caps melt or not, some of the world’s wealthiest people will remain stylishly afloat in their luxury yachts. A new crop of these floating vessels is emerging which employ the design skills of today’s top architects and designers. Whether it’s the Philippe Stark designed ‘a’ yacht owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko or Norman Foster’s new signature yacht collection, many of today’s luxury yachts are going designer. Stark and Foster only only some of the traditional designers urning their focus to boats, others include architect John Pawson, Porsche design and Lazzarini Pickering architects. however the most unusual boat in this new category has to be ‘Guilty’ a boat commissioned by Greek billionaire Dakis Joannou. Designed by architect Ivana Porfiri, the boat features a colourful pattern designed by contemporary artist Jeff Koons. 

‘the raven’ by ‘Mael Oberkampf (more)

’40 signature series yacht’ by Norman Foster for Rodriquez (more)

‘fearless yacht f28’ & ‘fearless yacht f68’ by Porsche Design (more)

‘b60 sloop’ by John Pawson for B-yachts (more)

Dakis Joannou’s yacht by Ivana Porfiri and Jeff Koons (more

‘shaka’ by Lazzarini Pickering architects for Wally (more)

posted by: Adrian "Age" Farquharson
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