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March 25, 2009

Jamison Ernest

Jamison Ernest, Lydia Hearst and Ryan Cabrera – Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Jamison Ernest, the man behind the “Yellow Fever” empire, is rather relaxed for a busy entrepreneur. Chillin’ in the LES Yellow Fever Showroom, Jamison, who not only owns Brooklyn Beat Records and Yellow Fever Clothing, is the lead singer/songwriter for the band Yellow Fever, but is an actor as well; is rather humble and down to earth, even with all of his success. He just wrapped up his first “big” role in the upcoming film 13 Tzamenti and is focused on the band and his record label. Dressed in a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers, Jamison is “high end laid back casual”, just as he describes his clothing line. He is still a dude from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, with a detailed escape route that brought him where he is today.

“Growing up my biggest thing was to get out of Brooklyn”, says Jamison, “So I came up with the idea to start a band with some of my friends from Brooklyn”. The band, Burlap to Cashmere was Jamison’s first musical venture, or shall I say second; at the ripe age of 8 he wrote his first song, which was dedicated to his grandfather’s friend’s sheepdog. Although he would not display his musical talent, Jamison managed the group and helped them to sell over a half a million records. Shortly after the band split, when the lead guitar felt intimidated by the bands success, and opted for a solo career.

A determined and focused Jamison knew that his heart was in music and he began teaching himself how to play the guitar and working on his vocal skills; but an unfortunate turn of events would leave him in the hospital fighting for his life and literally speechless for months, “I was almost killed, when I was attacked outside the recording studio”. Upon an almost 8-month long recovery, Jamison returned to his dream. “I knew that if I could teach myself the business aspects, I could learn how to sing and become a musician-everything takes practice.”

Armed with confidence and the success of his last band Jamison formed Brooklyn Beat Records and a new band, Yellow Fever. Yellow Fever features him as the lead singer with childhood friend Eric “Goober” Raymond, as the base player, producer, and on some occasions musical arranger. The original group included a drummer and lead guitar player, however they left to form their own band, living mastermind Jamison to find two replacements, and spots that still remain vacant. “We are looking now, so that we can have everything ready when the album comes out”, stated Jamison.

Nevertheless, the Yellow Fever brand does not stop with the band; in 2003 Jamison started Yellow Fever Clothing, a high end casual brand, which is currently housed on Manhattans Lower Eastside. By 2004, Jamison had his first show that was styled by Francesa Versace, daughter of Donatella Versace. “The inspiration for the name Yellow Fever came from my love for Asian women”, said Jamison, “I like all women but that was just where he was at that specific time in his life”. It is clear that Jamison is heavily influenced by Asian culture; the logo for Yellow Fever Clothing is that of a dragon. “I was living in Chinatown at the time, and I ate a lot of Chinese food, so I started cutting out the menus. That’s where a lot the graphics for the line comes from.”

Since the launch of Yellow Fever Clothing, celebrities have been drawn to the uniqueness of Jamison’s laid back Asian inspired line. Celebs like Heidi Klum, Chanel Iman, All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, and Ryan Leslie, are all huge fans. “With Yellow Fever you can wear a pair of Alexander McQueen sneakers, and like a $500 hoodie, and a Yellow Fever Tee,” Jamison Explains of his style and clothing line, “Yellow Fever is meant to be mixed and matched with other high end names. It’s tacky to be head to toe in one designer.”

So how does Yellow Fever the band and Yellow Fever Clothing tie in together? “Well, Yellow Fever is like water, a chemical composition. You can change the form, you can freeze it, pour it into a bottle and it will still be H20. Yellow Fever takes the shape of whatever we do, whatever is inside of me; weather its music, clothing, or whatever. It’s still Yellow Fever, just in a different form.”

Yellow Fever will finally release their first album, titled “I Was Here”, in September on Jamison’s own Brooklyn Beat Records, via Warner Music. The album features Bon Jovi Keyboardist, David Bryan. Their first single “Cigarettes and Gasoline” is being featured in Jamison’s upcoming film“13 Tzameti”, in which he plays cab driver Nicky. For more on Yellow Fever, Yellow Fever Clothing, and Jamison Ernest check out the bands Myspace page and

Listen to “Cigarettes and Gasoline” featured in the upcoming film “13 Tzameti”


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