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October 27, 2010

Delayed Gratification

Edition One Hundred is pleased to present Delayed Gratification, a two-month exhibition launching November 3, curated by Miss Rosen, and featuring the work of B+, Jianai Jenny Chen, Martha Cooper, Nat Finkelstein, Jim Jocoy, Eric Johnson, Slavery, and Jennifer Uman.

Curator Miss Rosen observes, “Desire is a wondrous thing. When wanting becomes more powerful than needing, an insatiable craving can drive us to a state of madness. This need for immediacy and instant fulfillment is not only accepted but demanded by our society.

“Yet, I have come to discover the power of patience, of the change that takes place when reward is not the goal but a byproduct of success. Instead of striving for the prize, we take it in stride and appreciate it not as our due but with a humble gratitude that on top of everything else, the universe gives us more.” “Delayed Gratification” recognizes that rewards come in all shapes and forms, making it the first Edition One Hundred Holiday Show. The glittering tinsel and twinkling lights of the season remind us to be thankful for all that we have to share with people we adore. Art is an exquisite and thoughtful gift, illustrating a passion that speaks one thousand words in any language. The artists selected for “Delayed Gratification” reveal many paths to one place. From Nat Finkelstein’s Kenny Kenny at Limelight and Jim Jocoy’s Sid Vicious after the Winterland concert to Martha Cooper’s sunbathers on the piers and Jianai Jenny Chen’s Forbidden City, each of these pieces transport us to a place that seems a long time coming.

posted by: Tyler Durden
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