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August 1, 2012

Vans Vault “Paniolo” Authentic LX by Kicks/HI

The inspiration for the design of this Vans Vault Authentic LX is drawn from the attire of Hawaiian cowboys, also known as “Paniolos”. In the 1830’s, King Kamehameha III commissioned Mexican-Spanish Vaqueros from the King of Spain to come to Hawaii to train Hawaiians in the art of ranching. The Spanish brought with them a certain flair – from their style of dress to their intricately carved custom leather saddles, whips & silver spurs.

This knack for rugged, pageantry has held on to this day. For cowboys in Hawaii, the denim in jeans has historically had to be raw to able to handle 10-14 hours riding a horse along sometimes hazardous terrain, but for their shirting, the fabrics needed to be a little more breathable to accommodate for the humid, island climate; hence, cotton twills or if they so chose: chambray, a lightweight denim alternative. It is this mix of chambray shirting and exquisite, carved leather saddles, belts and boots that is the main influence behind KICKS/HI’s latest collaboration with Vans’ top-tier boutique line: Vans Vault.

Taking cues from Hawaii’s historic ranch fashion, adding our own touch of signature shop color orange, and applying them to a Vans Authentic LX silhouette. The chambray upper references back to the chambray shirting. The premium leather toe and lining is an ode to the leather boots and saddles. The solid white midsole was chosen for a refined profile. The KICKS/HI shop orange, EVA comfort insole is branded with KICKS/HI x Vans Vault logos, on one side, & the KICKS/HI signature “You Know Where We Stay” statement, on the other. The KICKS/HI logo sits on the rubber heel patch.

There are less than 350 pairs of this Vans Vault “Paniolo” Authentic LX worldwide. It is only available via KICKS/HI, KICKS/HI Guam (Guam), and Saint Alfred (Chicago) this Saturday (8/4). KICKS/HI Makaloa opens at 11: 00 AM.

posted by: Limité Staff
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