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December 31, 2012

SUPER Winter 2013 “Humanism” Collection


The SUPER Winter 2012/2013 collection is dedicated to our species. In the good and the bad. By trawling through our history and projecting into our future, identifying and amplifying the differences that time, faith and geography have created between our cultures, SUPER brought them together in one collection, for a single species: Humanism. Design research is at a high; SUPER has taken their new high-resolution printing technique further, raising the bar once again in the eyewear sector by adding laser engraving and embossing techniques.

This season’s color palette was drawn from our natural surroundings at this very time of year, when death is making room for new life and growth, an ironically elegant and beautiful decaying of nature.The Humanism collection brings together and promises to cater for all manner of life, taste and personality.



Given the huge following of our original black and gold Francis combo, we decided to extend the range to reach everyone. THE SILVER FRANCIS applies the exact same design formula of the original FRANCIS series: black acetate plus metal arms and hardware, replacing the gold metal with silver. Aimed at those who prefer the touch of subtlety of the silver to the bling of the gold, or who merely want to mix it up from time to time, the SILVER FRANCIS is available in five various incarnations: The Flat Top, the Ciccio, the Basic, the Paloma and the America.



SUPER doesn’t just focus on the design of its eyewear, but on its functionality — it’s important to have beautiful eyewear, and it’s imperative to protect your peepers from the elements, especially with that snow glare in winter time. Introducing: MONTANA. The MONTANA features a highly technical mirrored Optics by Carl Zeiss lens that offers maximum protection in the most extreme of outdoor conditions. The strong mirrored lens may be reminiscent of the 1970s and ‘80s, yet the lens is set in a completely modern and lightweight skeleton.

Stand out on the mountaintop with the sporty, flamboyant Racer version in burnt Havana, set with a fuchsia lens: or keep it contemporary with the light Havana/powerful green lens combo. Or for an entirely unique and original accessory on the hilltops look no further than the Panama version: a gorgeous smokey gray crystal acetate teamed with an unexpected blinding sun orange. Who said safety had to be boring?





The jewel in the crown of the Winter collection we present, the LIZARD series: Quality shades meticulously hand-covered by SUPER skilled artisans with recycled leather. Mounted on their simple, clean Classic shape, available in a black or traditional brown, the elegance of the embossed reptile print leather speaks for itself. The LIZARD model is completely original, classic and head-turning all at the same time. Bound to draw stares, these beauties elevate the standard of SUPER firmly head and shoulders above the rest.





We first introduced photo-chromatic engravings into our eyewear in August with the HIEROGLYPHICS FRANCIS pack, for this winter we
thought we would explore a color-on-color engraving, opting for a more casual striped tobacco Havana acetate. The shades are covered in the meticulous engravings, for a fun and tongue-in-cheek touch. For those of you who just want something fun, without compromising on standard, the HIEROGLYPHICS ACETATE comes in our Basic and Flat Top silhouettes.

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