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January 20, 2013

Herman Miller Furniture Collection


Inspired by George Nelson, Director of Design for Herman Miller from 1942 until 1972 and the brain behind some of the 20th century’s most iconic furniture designs, these seats, chairs, sofas, tables and desks from the new Herman Miller Collection blur the boundary between living room, dining room and boardroom, with their sophisticated, contemporary yet livable look and feel. Whether it’s indoors or alfresco, for sitting, lounging, dining or taking a meeting, this new line has a style to suit every taste. Sleek and streamlined, contemporary cool or vibrantly modern, the Herman Miller Collection boasts a broad portfolio featuring everything from slim silhouettes in stainless steel, to no-nonsense desk and boardroom pieces, to lushly upholstered laissez-faire loungers, sofas and chairs that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the body. Available in a range of price points, the new Herman Miller Collection has just the thing to put a fashionable and functional finishing touch on your home.



The enduring designs of the Herman Miller Collection strike a balance between seemingly contradictory ideas: aspiration and accessibility, sculpture and engineering, elegance and informality, beauty and comfort. Not the least of these is its delicate balance of craft and industrial processes. The Collection moves forward by utilizing the latest technologies and newest materials available. But it remains grounded in the quality and value produced by the craftsmanship, thoughtfulness, and individual human touches of the workers who assemble many of its pieces by hand. These details make a difference. And as Charles Eames said, “The details are not details. They make the product.”




Materials in the Collection amplify its design philosophy of elegant pragmatism and industrial craft. State-of-the-art Outdoor Weave builds on technology pioneered with the Aeron Chair’s Pellicle suspension fabric. Stone selections originate from North American quarries with ties to historic American design. MCL leather options find inspiration in the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman’s “warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt.”

Santos palisander and walnut veneer shells of that Lounge and Ottoman now have hand-oiled finish options that resemble the look of the original design. A re-edition of textiles by Alexander Girard has been reproduced faithfully in weave and color. Each offering serves the product and the user while also innovatively exemplifying the Collection’s DNA: practical beauty.




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