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March 20, 2013

Celebrating Little Girls Around the World with mimivail

by Tyler Durden


Although we feature content that caters to today’s modern man and women, many of us have little creative thinkers and doers of our own and just as much as we enjoy looking and feeling great, we must do everything in our efforts to keep our little tikes happy as well. More importantly, explain to them certain significances in the world we live in so as they mature and grow, they too will have a better understand of their world.

Partnered with Light Gives Heat (LGH), a Colorado based not-for-profit, and their SUUBI (hope) initiative, mimivail celebrates and supports girls around the world. Each dress comes with an exclusive handcrafted bracelet designed by the women living in Jinja, Uganda, an initiative to help empower these artisans, and their children, through the encouragement of economic sustainability and creative endeavors. Every season a newly designed colorful matching bracelet made of pearl-like beads from recycled paper will be introduced to complement the collection.  Little girls can wear their bracelet as a symbol of hope.

Believing in the goodness of little girls and the power of positive role models, the brand is presented through 5 fictional “girls” who hail from all parts of the world and who have their own distinct personalities: Bridget, Scarlet, Emi, Isabelle and Ruby. Each mimivail dress is designed with one of these exceptional girls in mind.  As the collection grows so will their stories and wardrobes.







posted by: Tyler Durden
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