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June 24, 2013

Fisker Lost $1B between ’08 and ‘12

by Rafael Mejia


Say it ain’t so!  Reuters reports that Fisker has lost over $1,000,000,000 in a little over four years.  According to the report, Fisker Karma’s delays and millions of dollars in orders of components that went obsolete once changes were made paid a detrimental part in the company’s current financial state.

We all know last minute fixes and designs tweaks are the norm in production design, but when these fixes put the company $50-$100 Million dollars in the red…that’s when we need to sit down and have a meeting, ASAP.  To add injury to insult, Henrik Fisker and co-founder Barny Koehler spent $200M in lavish sponsorship events and were reportedly making $600 to $700K a year while the company was slashing its staff in half to stay afloat.

With all that said Fisker only sold 2,450 Karmas and lost $35,000 on each model that made.


posted by: Rafael Mejia
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