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December 26, 2013

WEST COAST VERSION: An East Coaster’s Visual Impressions of California

Text & Photos by Ross Belfer

7 Surfer cut

“There’s only so much one can understand about a place without actually stepping foot in it,” — the motto floating in my head prior to lifting off from Newark International to LAX. Why had it taken me so long to make the trip out West, you ask?

There is no definitive reason besides the fact I always preferred to fly east then to explore my own country. This naivety has proved to be my own worst enemy: I had been sleeping on California, unable to comprehend why so many of my friends has moved West for greener pastures, until my first tastes of Los Angeles, Ojai Valley and Big Sur this year.

Looking back, the multiple experiences of sheer bliss are too profound for words; I prefer to describe my impressions in visual format, with hopes to inspire those East Coasters such as myself to cross the inland seas, plains, groves and giant trees to the promised, sunshine state.

Links to places in which I stayed, visited and/or ate:

posted by: Ross Belfer
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